23 et 24 avril - RYOT!

About TritoChange

Olivier and his team created the TritoChange Multisport Festival 2021. After a round of ideas along the entire 'fine fleur' of Belgian triathlon (including all Belgian top triathletes and duathletes and the 3 federations) we created the TritoChange Multisport Festival 2021.

  • You choose from 6 triathlon and 4 duathlon distances
  • You race in your region
  • You race either solo or as a relay team
  • You do your race non-stop
  • You only get charged 5mins per transition, even if you need more
  • You are honest in your times, and send them to info@tritochange.be

What is it exactly? A warm organisation that starts completely from 'the basis of the sport', the athletes. TritoChange is also completely independent of any federation, company or club.

TritoChange's mission is to bring the triathlon and duathlon sport to all those who want to hear it. Adults, youth, challenges sporters, newbies and fanatics. In the most inclusive way possible in difficult corona conditions.

The competitive element only comes second to us. The most important thing is: surpass yourself, unleash your powers and believe in the future.

All profits of the event entirely go to Belgian challenges sporters (G sporters or handisportifs), thanks to the cooperation with G-sport Vlaanderen, Parantee Psylos and Ligue Handisport Francophone.

  • Start: Saturday 7.00 hrs
    Finish: Sunday 19.00 hrs
  • Participation fee (all profits go to the challenged sporters in Belgium through G-Sport Vlaanderen and/or Ligue Francophone Handisports)
    • Adults: €45
    • G-sporters: €20
    • Children (under 18 years): €15
  • You can also register as a Club or a Team. For this, you need to be with at least 10 participants. You will receive a total discount of 10%. Please contact the TritoChange administrator at info@tritochange.be.
  • Each participant will receive an exclusive and high quality TritoChange T-shirt and a valuable virtual goodie bag (with discount codes)
  • Registration goes via the professional Larssie platform. Payments are secure (Mollie) via Bancontact or credit card
  • The organisation TritoChange is not responsible for accidents or damage caused to third parties by participants.
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Rules of the Game
  • TritoChange is your first true 2021 appointment with yourself, or with your team! Do you want to start with your first sprint distance? Or are you a seasoned endurance athlete and going for the Ironman distance? Solo, or with your relay team? The TritoChange Multisport Festival 2022 is not a classic race, but rather a warm inclusive sports event with some unique, yet simple rules:

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Tri To Change - Praktisch
About ‘G Sport’

‘G-sport Vlaanderen vzw’ is the platform that supports and promotes G-sports in Flanders. The goal is to allow as many challenges sporters as possible to experience the joy of sports. To this end, G-sport Flanders addresses the general population to G-sports.

Moreover, the organisation is the contact point for everyone who is looking for knowledge, cooperation and networking in the field of G-sports in Flanders.

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This time, you are all winners. But for those who sent in their times, here you go 😉 Big congrats!

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